Billera Law Files Law Suit Against Broward School Board Regarding School Bullies’ Attack Leaving Twelve-year Old Girl Brain Damaged

Bullying at a Broward Middle School allegedly left a twelve-year old girl brain-damaged, hospitalized and suicidal. The minor, who is developmentally disabled from birth, attended regular classes at Pioneer Middle School. Her mother claims she was targeted by class bullies because she was "different." She alleges in a lawsuit brought against the Broward school board that during a science class, when the lights were turned off to watch a film, several boys in her class held her down, while one boy sat on her face, asphyxiating her. A student finally alerted the science teacher to the attack after it was ongoing for a number of minutes. MRI reports allegedly confirmed that the minor suffered asphyxiation and brain damage from the attack.

The school board is being sued for its alleged failure to ensure the safety of a student in its care, for the negligent hiring and retention of the science teacher who allowed the attack to occur during an on-going class.

"This horrific attack has caused a young girl catastrophic, life-threatening injuries. The school board and the young girl's teachers knew she was being targeted due to her disabilities and did nothing to stop the bullying. Student-on-student attacks must be controlled by the schools or there are going to be many more such cases," said John Billera, the attorney representing the minor. "If our children are not safe in school, where are they safe?"

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Posted on April 6, 2012