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BOCA RATON, Fla. (WSVN) -- A South Florida family is filing a lawsuit against a school after they say their daughter was allegedly attacked in class by bullies, and was left brain damaged.

Margie Brezina said her life dramatically changed on October 12, 2010. "The day that this happened, they took my child from me," said Brezina.

Brezina is filling a lawsuit against the Broward County School Board after she said her daughter Milan was bullied by six boys in her science class at Pioneer Middle School in Southwest Ranches. "When they knew she was unconscious, they continued to kick her," she said. "They were sitting on her, choking her, spitting on her, kicking her."

Brezina has hired attorney John Billera to file a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the teacher who was in the classroom is to blame. "The teacher was not paying attention when in absolute duty to control the classroom. Finally, another girl in the classroom came over and told the teacher, 'They are holding her down, they are hurting her.' The teacher still did nothing about it, and he said, 'Oh, she's just sleeping, she's resting,'" said Billera.

Brezina said her daughter was knocked unconscious from the attack and suffered brain damage. She says Milan hasn't been the same since the alleged attack. "She looks over her shoulder a lot. She's very defensive. She's afraid of everything, everyone," said Brezina.

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Posted on May 11, 2012